Futurelink is a K through 8 after school program serving Arcadia, Temple City, El Monte, and the surrounding San Gabriel Valley communities. Facilitating and ensuring students complete their homework is our first priority. Once homework is done and checked, students are required to follow the Futurelink curriculum: Mathematics and Language Arts study that not only reviews and reinforces what they already know, but also challenges them to get a head start on the next lesson at school. The weekly Chinese lesson focuses on conversational Chinese. Chinese class is optional; however, many students find it is a fun learning experience.

From noon to 7 p.m. each school day, Futurelink offers a safe, structured learning environment for its students. While parents see us as a second school where they can rest assured that their child receives the highest quality instruction and supervision, students see us a “second home” where they can achieve their goals in a safe, nurturing environment.

Motivated and dedicated educators assist the students at Futurelink in reaching their potential. They understand that a child’s education doesn’t stop with the afternoon school bell. Our structured learning environment gives students the extra help they need at a time when, often, both parents are working.

Thank you for visiting our website. Please give a call to Principal Marie Chen to start your child’s Futurelink experience!

前瞻學院立校已有16年,一向本著服務至上的宗旨,服務San Gabriel Valley地區,特別是Arcadia, Temple City, 和El Monte等城市的學生家長。我們的主要教學目標是負責督導學生完成他們學校的家庭作業。他們回家後不必再花時間做作業,可以讓家長們不須在緊張忙碌的工作之後,還要陪孩子做功課。做完學校功課後,學生們繼續學習由前瞻提供的英文與數學教材。經過廣度深度兼具的練習,不僅奠定了他們的學習基礎,也讓他們更容易應付學校的功課。喜歡學習中文的學生可以參加一週一次的中文課,他們從基本會話與識字練習中得到很多的樂趣。每天下午,前瞻提供一個安全潔淨的環境,讓學生渡過一個有規律的、有秩序的、充實學習的下午。家長把前瞻視為第二個學校,學生把這裡看成第二個家。在這裡,學生得以在安全關愛的環境中成長學習。