• 1993 - Our first location on Rosemead Blvd!

  • 1993 - One of the first computer classes offered for adults.

  • 1993

  • 1999 - Students working in the computer lab at La Rosa school.

  • 1999 - We moved to our current location in Arcadia. Here are some students giving their PowerPoint presentations in computer class.

  • 2000 - Students learn to type Chinese on computers Futurelink donated to Cloverly School.

In 1993, Henry Chen and his wife Marie founded Futurelink Computer, Inc. in Temple City, California. They started out in a single office space in a small plaza on Rosemead Blvd. Henry offered technology solution services for businesses and individuals, while Marie taught adults basic computer skills (Microsoft Windows had just gotten popular).

The following year, foreseeing the impact technology would have on education, they added a K-8 after school education program under the name of Futurelink School. Futurelink became the first computer school for children established in the San Gabriel Valley. The school quickly expanded and by 1996, it had taken over most of the plaza! As Futurelink’s enrollment increased beyond the limits of the small plaza, the school moved from its original location to its current location in Arcadia, CA in 1998.

From the very beginning, Futurelink’s mission has always been to equip students with the skills they need to succeed in a competitive and rapidly-changing world. In 1997, Futurelink donated twenty PCs to Cloverly Elementary School so that its after school students on the campus could take computer classes. Then, in 1998, Futurelink designed its own curriculum based on the (then) newly-adopted California State Standards. Now, as California schools gear up to implement the Common Core State Standards, Futurelink remains committed to staying at the forefront of both technology and education.

“Technology and Education” has been Futurelink’s motto from the very start, and it’s a tenet we continue to uphold twenty years later and into the future!

1993 年,Henry 和 Marie Chen 夫婦於天普市成立了前瞻電腦公司。Henry 專注於對公司和個人做硬體軟體的服務,Marie 則開授成人電腦課程(這時微軟的視窗3.1 版本都尚未被普遍接受呢!)1994 年,他們成立了小、中學的課後輔導班,其電腦課也成為學校的重點教學。在當時的聖蓋博谷,這算是第一個專注於電腦教學的學校。前瞻創校二十年來,一直提供先進的教材輔助學生。1997 年,他們在天普市的 Cloverly小學圓書館裡,安裝了二十部電腦供所有的學生使用。1998 年,他們根據加州政府新公佈的學習標準,編製了英文數學教材。近年,他們更特別加重了閲讀測驗和寫作課程。除了學業的加強外,該校的老師和工作人員更對學生們提供了一個安全、快樂的環境。很多前瞻的校友回來懷舊,他們總會說:「前瞻給了我許多美好的回憶!」